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How to Calculate a Diamond’s Carat?

Determining a diamond's carat weight involves assessing its mass in relation to the standard gemstone measurement unit, the carat, where one carat equals 200 milligrams. Here's the process:

  1. Measure the Dimensions: Using a ruler or digital caliper to gauge the diamond's length, width, and depth in millimeters. Ensure precise measurements for accurate calculations.

  2. Calculate the Volume: Calculate the volume of the diamond in cubic millimeters by multiplying the length, width, and depth measurements together. Here is the formula for volume:

  3. Volume = Length × Width × Depth

  4. Convert to Carats: Calculate the diamond volume in cubic millimeters to convert it into carats using the specific gravity of diamond, which is around 3.52.

    Carat Weight = (Volume in cubic millimeters) / (Specific gravity of diamond)

  5. Round the Result: The outcome of the computation will be the diamond's carat weight. Round the figure to the nearest hundredth place for practical purposes.

The calculated carat weight may not always align with the actual carat weight of the diamond due to cutting and proportions. Some jewelers may round carat weights to the nearest tenth or half-carat for pricing and marketing purposes.

If unsure about determining the carat weight, seek a professional jeweler or gemologist for an accurate assessment with specialized tools.


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