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What are the Different Colors of Diamonds?

Diamonds are available in a range of colors, from colorless to intensely colored, graded on a scale by GIA. D is the highest grade (colorless) and Z the lowest grade (light yellow or brown). Categories of diamond colors:

  1. Colorless (D-F): These diamonds are the rarest and most valuable as they lack any visible hue, appearing icy white and allowing maximum light transmission for exceptional brilliance and sparkle.

  2. Near Colorless (G-J): Diamonds in this range show a subtle color hint that can be challenging to spot with an untrained eye, especially when set in jewelry. They maintain a white or nearly colorless appearance, especially when viewed from above.

  3. Faint (K-M): Diamonds within this range display a noticeable yellow or brown tint when viewed face-up. However, this hue might not be as visible once the diamond is placed in jewelry or seen from a distance.

  4. Very Light (N-R): Diamonds in this range exhibit a more pronounced yellow or brown hue that remains visible even when set in jewelry. They are deemed lower in quality and are less sought after.

  5. Light (S-Z): Diamonds in this range exhibit a distinct yellow or brown hue easily noticeable to the naked eye. They are generally viewed as lower quality and could be substantially less valuable compared to colorless or nearly colorless diamonds.

In addition to these traditional color grades, diamonds can also exhibit natural fancy colors such as blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, and red. Fancy colored diamonds are rare and highly prized for their unique hues and beauty. The intensity and purity of the color determine the value of fancy colored diamonds, with vivid and saturated hues being the most valuable.


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