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What Diamond Shape Should I Choose?

The choice of a diamond's shape is influenced by personal taste, style, and the jewelry piece's design where it will be placed. Consider these popular diamond shapes:

  1. Round Brilliant: The prevalent and timeless diamond shape, celebrated for its outstanding brilliance and fire. Round diamonds are adaptable and complement a range of jewelry styles.

  2. Princess: Princess-cut diamonds display a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners, providing a modern and elegant appearance and exceptional brilliance and sparkle.

  3. Emerald: Rectangular emerald-cut diamonds feature stepped facets, renowned for their elegant and sophisticated appearance and hall-of-mirrors effect from open facets.

  4. Oval: Oval diamonds have a shape similar to the round brilliant but with an elongated outline, offering a unique appearance that often looks larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight.

  5. Marquise: Marquise-cut diamonds feature an elongated shape with pointed ends, resembling a football or boat. They create an elongating effect on the finger and are renowned for their dramatic appearance.

  6. Pear: Pear-shaped diamonds blend round and marquise shapes, featuring rounded and pointed ends. They present a sophisticated, graceful look, popular in pendant necklaces and earrings.

  7. Cushion: Cushion-cut diamonds feature a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, akin to a pillow. They provide a vintage-inspired appearance with a mix of brilliance and romantic charm.

  8. Asscher: Asscher diamonds resemble emerald cuts, featuring a square shape and prominent step facets, exuding a distinctive and geometric allure.

  9. Radiant: The radiant cut blends step cut facets on the crown with brilliant cut facets on the pavilion, offering a unique angular shape that distinguishes it from the round brilliant and emerald cuts. Unlike the emerald cut, which requires exceptional clarity, radiant cut diamonds are more tolerant of inclusions.


    Consider personal style, jewelry setting, finger shape and size (for rings), and desired aesthetic when choosing a diamond shape. Try different shapes against skin tone and lighting to find your preference.


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